Bring it on, 2011…

outside The New York Academy.

I just recently returned from a brief trip to New York City. Luckily my good friend Jason was there to show me around. He goes to The New York Academy, where I am hoping to go for my MFA. After visiting I am even more excited then I was before at having a chance to attend there. 2011 will be there year of figuring out how the fuck I make it possible to make 50,000$ to pay for school and somehow manage the expense of living in NYC. If anyone has any bright ideas, short of selling a kidney, let me know.

Wangechi Mutu

I spent a good full day exploring the galleries in Chelsea. I will say, its quite a bit different from the Seattle artwalk.  It was incredible to see so many amazing established and up n’coming artists all in one place. There is just no substitute for seeing an artists work in person. It’s an amazin place to explore. Though I have to say the show Another Roadside Attraction, curated by Samantha Levin, (

was certainly my favorite. There were some downright gorgeous pieces at the show. Meeting Samantha was a highlight of the trip. She is so full of fire and passion you can’t help but get a bolt of inspiration from talking with her.




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