Whiskey Bar opening photos…

The Whiskey Bar opening went better than I could have expected. I saw so many friends and family and supporters of Seattle art at the show. People danced and drank and talked and just enjoyed the excuse for a party. It made me proud to be a part of the Seattle art scene. I feel lucky to be a part of a place that is such a wonderful place to do art. Seattle may not be the place that art is the easiest to sell, or brings in the biggest shows – but one thing I do know, that Seattle is the best place I’ve been to DO art. Artists and art lovers have a real passion in this city and are too busy making art and helping each other to worry about climbing to the top. It’s a genuine, passionate place to grow up artistically.

I sold almost half of the pieces in the show, and since then the show has come close to selling out. The pieces are moving FAST and I have been lucky to get a couple of commissions from contacts at the show as well. The Whiskey Bar is a lovely little place to show and I think I have had one of the most fun openings there ever.

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